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7 things you need to do to manage your fleet

Not everything about fleet management compasses vehicle tracking devices or GPS tracking technology.

GPS has been a very valuable technology deployed in vehicle fleet systems to provide a set of good overview and controls to the fleet owner, especially in Singapore. However, there is so much more that you need in order to be a land transport fleet manager (commercial or passenger vehicles).

Let’s see how many check boxes can you tick.

1. Acquisition

What vehicle to purchase for the specific purpose and utilisation? When is the best time to purchase?

2. Asset management and utilisation policies

What is your fleet policy? Who has access to the vehicle? What are the usage and handling procedures to keep the vehicle at optimum?

3. Maintenance of vehicle – preventive, corrective and predictive

The adoption of vehicle maintenance regime and the approach. Selection of repair workshops and the financial impact/constraints? Can you fleet management system help you monitor the service / repairs regime? Do you have a tracking device on the vehicle that captures mileage and location via GPS device to ease your recall of vehicles?

4. Compliance to standards and requirements

Legal compliance checked? Are your vehicles updated with the latest firmware? Are there manufacturer recalls?

5. Utilization of vehicle and driver management

How are you going to protect your assets against the abuse by the users? What form of controls is in place to reduce the running costs like repairs and fuel? Do you need to implement a vehicle fleet system or driver management system?

6. Cost management

Overall cost management. Considerations will be across the acquisition to the maintenance and the even till disposal. Are there safety compromises? What dictates ‘beyond economical repair? Are additional vehicle devices like GPS trackers required?

7. Disposal

What is your vehicle renewal policy? What is your accounting standard to depreciate the vehicle? Is your net book value for your asset a decision making factor to dispose your vehicle?

The above 7 steps coupled with some basic questions stated will set us reflecting if we are indeed ready for the real world of fleet management. Having a GPS tracking device is not all you need. It is you, the fleet manager.

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